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Married vs. Unmarried for Retirement Years

Introduction There were two identically situated same-sex couples: they had the same amount of money, invested identically, and spent identically too.  There was only one big difference: the first couple did not read Retire Secure! For Same-Sex Couples and plan for their future using our advice, but the second couple did. The first couple’s plan: don’t […]

Whitewood vs. Wolf – Historic Victory for Civil Rights in Pennsylvania

Whitewood vs. Wolf represents an historic victory for civil rights in Pennsylvania. Now Pennsylvania same-sex couples can get married in Pennsylvania and not only enjoy all the traditional benefits of marriage, but also the financial benefits of marriage. Windsor gave all same-sex married couples the unlimited marital deduction for federal estate tax purposes. Revenue Ruling […]

LGBT Workshop Coming Up!

“Jim Lange provides a comprehensive road map to all the new retirement and estate planning strategies that were not previously available to same-sex couples.” — Ed Slott, America’s IRA Expert Writing about Jim’s new book, Retire Secure! for Same-Sex Couples The defeat of DOMA opens new doors and new avenues for same-sex couples to cut […]

PA Same-Sex Couples Seek Marriage Licenses

The October 2006 wedding of A.J. and Diane Anderson had all the elements of a typical ceremony — a tuxedo, a gown, a walk down the aisle, family and friends in the audience, an exchange of vows in front of a pastor. When it was over, the couple left the Metropolitan Community Church of Pittsburgh for a honeymoon at a bed and breakfast. Unlike most weddings, though, it wasn’t sealed with a Pennsylvania marriage license. A.J. and Diane, who are lesbians, officially were married in New York in 2012, but their relationship is unrecognized by Pennsylvania. This morning, the two women and four other same-sex couples will celebrate Valentine’s Day by applying for marriage licenses at the City-County Building.

Lange Financial Group, LLC in the Pittsburgh Business Times!

Our LGBT Initiative has been featured in the Pittsburgh Business Times.  The release highlights our efforts to bring more and better estate planning, tax planning, and investment information to same-sex couples in Pittsburgh.  With the downfall of DOMA, many new opportunities present themselves to couples in Pennsylvania, despite the legal status of same-sex marriage in our […]