Tax Planning, Tax Preparation, & Financial Projections


Over the last 30 years Lange Accounting Group, LLC has built up a loyal and satisfied base of  tax clients. We believe our firm is one of the most informed on Roth IRAs, Roth IRA conversions, and the unique tax planning required for same-sex couples and non-traditional families.

Lange Accounting Group, LLC prepares individual and business tax forms, with a trained eye for reducing your taxes while keeping you out of trouble.

Our experienced CPAs also offer tax analysis and recommendations for multiple year Roth IRA conversions. We combine data from Roth IRA conversion software and tax preparation software to determine the outcomes of multiple strategies; then we optimize the results to devise a plan consistent with your goals—and when we “run the numbers” you can be included in the process to personalize the “what if” scenarios for the multiple strategies.

Without question, Roth IRAs and Roth IRA conversions are not for everyone. However, our peer reviewed research and experience provides us with the knowledge and know-how to make the determination if they are relevant for you. If you are unsure or unclear about the long-term advantages of Roth IRAs, read (link to roth article) to find out more about the benefits of Roth IRA conversion.

Because our CPAs and attorneys work so closely together (most of our team has been together for many years) our accountants are looking for of areas of overlap between tax planning and retirement and estate planning, and they are always looking for opportunities to capitalize on the synergy between them—this is especially true for our clients who use both our estate planning services and our accounting services.

If we can help you with your tax preparation and tax planning call our Client Services Coordinator, Alice at 412-521-2732.