Asset Management Services


You worked hard to build your investment portfolios.  Are your investment portfolios working hard for you?

At Lange Financial Group, LLC  our clients benefit from conservative asset management services integrated with our tax strategies, Roth IRA conversion strategies, investment strategies, and estate planning strategies. Our asset management clients receive our experience and advice as well as comprehensive money management services for the same cost as a fairly priced money manager alone.  We find that our clients benefit most from coordinated strategies among the professionals who help them achieve their long-term goals.

We currently work with three of Pittsburgh’s top fee-only advisors. Why fee-only advisors?  Fee-only advisors do not make commission based on which funds they choose to invest your money.  Instead, they work in a transparent and fiduciary role that puts your needs first.

Our recommendations for which services to consult with are based on which managers investment philosophies most closely match each individual client.  We partner with the best active investment managers in Pittsburgh to make the most of both growth and value focused portfolios.  We also enjoy a partnership with the best index investment managers for our clients who are more interested in passive management.