Estate Planning and Administration


Over the last 30 years Lange Legal Group, LLC has drafted more than 1,800 wills and trusts—perhaps more than any other small firm in Pittsburgh.

Lange Legal Group, LLC expertly crafts flexible estate plans often using Lange’s Cascading Beneficiary Plan™.  The flexibility built into Lange’s CBP minimizes the need to rewrite wills with every change in the tax code, and provides the surviving family with the ability to make the absolute best decisions for disbursing assets based on the family’s circumstances at the time of death. What this means is, fewer procedural meetings with your attorney (save those billable hours for important decisions) and fewer decisions set-in-stone that might later turn out to be misguided, inappropriate, or badly timed.

With our LGBT clients, more complicated and deliberate planning is often needed to insure that wishes are respected and carried out, money and interests are protected against unfavorable and discriminatory laws, and families of all kinds are treated with the respect they deserve.

All wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and living wills, are coordinated and optimized with tax-savvy strategies, which includes preparing beneficiary designation forms specific to a client’s IRA, retirement plan, and/or life insurance. These seemingly simple forms that many people fill out as part of the hiring process actually control the distribution of what, for many people, ends up being their most significant asset. We will not risk a client inadvertently making a mistake.

While our primary relationship is with our client, generally a long-term committed couple, we are always available to assist grieving families with estate administration including death tax returns, probate filings and distribution planning; because of our flexible estate planning, there are often strategic wealth-saving and wealth-building opportunities. The key to getting the best results for the family is to have a strategic plan in place before death, and then implement the best strategies after death. That is our strength.

You could benefit from our years of experience. If you would like to make an appointment for an estate planning consultation please call our Client Services Coordinator, Alice at 412-521-2732