Glowing Endorsements for Retire Secure! For Same-Sex Couples from Financial Authors and Experts!

“Jim has generously pledged the proceeds from this book to Freedom to Marry and naturally, I appreciate that. But what I really appreciate is his bringing his expertise to bear on helping the couples for whom we have already won the freedom to marry.”

    —Evan Wolfson (from the foreword), Founder and President, Freedom to Marry, a national campaign dedicated to marriage equality for same-sex couples

“After reading this book, and as the landscape changed radically in the past year, I realize we’ve made a great financial decision as well. Because my husband is back in school to change his career, we get a marriage bonus in our taxes. But even when we start paying the tax penalty as his income resumes, I calculate we’ll still come out on top in the long run. So OK, you still have to first take love into consideration. But if finance is also playing into your decision, Lange’s book should be at the top of your reading list.”

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    —Yalman Onaran, Bloomberg News

“Now that marriage equality is a reality, we have a lot of brushing up to do. Estate planning, tax laws, medical benefits, housing rights, healthcare and on and on. They have granted us the right to marry. The responsibility of understanding the law is ours. Here’s your guide.”

    —Harvey Fierstein, Tony Award Winning Actor & Playwright

“Like President Josiah Bartlet, who I played on “West Wing,” I strongly support the freedom to marry as a fundamental civil right for same-sex couples. I applaud the decision in the Pennsylvania case “Whitehead v. Wolf,” and hope that every state in this nation soon follows this trend. The decision in the Windsor case, and the Revenue Ruling that followed, in theory gave economic equality to same-sex married couples. Economic equality is not necessarily easy to achieve in practice, however, given the complexity of today’s income tax and Social Security laws. Jim Lange’s new book, Retire Secure! for Same-Sex Couples, offers practical, easy to understand advice that same-sex couples can use to guide them as they begin a new and exciting chapter of their lives together.”

    —Martin Sheen, Actor, The West Wing, 1999 – 2006

“Jim provides a comprehensive road map to all the new retirement and estate planning strategies that were not previously available to same-sex couples. But they are now, and couples who wish to take advantage of them to enhance their options, increase their wealth, cut their taxes and live with financial security should dive into this gem.”

    —Ed Slott, CPA, “America’s IRA Expert”

“It’s about time! CPA and attorney Jim Lange has written the essential financial guide for same-sex couples. Brimming with examples, case studies, and easily understood graphs, Lange has laid out a path that is simple to understand, simple to follow, and extremely valuable. If you’re part of the LGBT community, you need this book!”

    —Jan Cullinane, Author, The Single Woman’s Guide to Retirement

“Retire Secure! provides a wealth of valuable information. It covers retirement plans, Social Security, income taxes, trusts and estate and inheritance tax issues. Given the recent Supreme Court decision and changes in the tax code, this book is a must read for same-sex couples.”

    —Mel Lindauer,, Columnist, Co-Author, The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing, and Guide to Retirement Planning

“Jim Lange’s book fills a much needed void by providing sound financial advice to same-sex couples. Implementing his recommendations can reduce taxes and permit same-sex couples to retire with dignity.”

—Dan Solin, Author of the Smartest series of books

“With the Supreme Court ruling in U.S. v. Windsor holding that Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is unconstitutional, planning for same-sex couples has been radically changed. Jim Lange has written an invaluable guide for both practitioners and their clients as to how to plan in this new environment. This book is an outstanding edition for the reader. The changing world of health insurance and social security benefits is thoroughly discussed in the book.”

    —Sidney Kess, CPA, J.D., LL.M., Kostelanetz & Fink, LLP

“Retire Secure! For Same-Sex Couples makes it easy to learn the answers to all your questions about this topic, including many you might not have thought to ask.”

    —Kaye A. Thomas, Author, Go Roth!

Retire Secure! is a must-read book for same-sex couples who want financial security for themselves and their heirs. James Lange applies his legal and tax experience with common sense, sound calculations, and action steps in an “easy-to-read format.”

    —Ron Kelemen, CFP®, Author, The Confident Retirement Journey—Your Personal & Financial Roadmap
        The H Group, Inc. Salem, OR

Retire Secure! For Same-Sex Couples is a must read, providing practical guidance on important planning issues. Financial planning for same-sex couples is evolving in response to changing federal and state laws, and Jim Lange’s book provides invaluable advice in an easy to digest manner.”

    —Daniel S. Kern, President and CIO, Advisor Partners

“Like a breath of fresh air, the doors are being kicked open that address what society is demanding – and that is same-sex couples are entitled to have their concerns and issues dealt with openly, consciously and appropriately. Kudos to Jim, for writing this terrific resource for planners, same-sex couples and other professionals who will benefit greatly from the knowledge, information and clarity provided. As a Financial Life Planner, these issues are essential to good practice and knowledge to help clients lead the life that is most important to them. This book is a terrific resource and each topic is clearly explained with concise and easy to understand examples provided. Great job!”

    —Michael F. Kay, CFP®, President, Financial Life Focus, LLC

“In Retire Secure! For Same-Sex Couples, Lange not only jigsaws the pieces together for the LGBT community, but also provides great advice for the straight community. By using well thought out examples and clear graphs, even the most finance-challenged among us can follow along and be better able to meet our retirement goals.”

    —Bart Astor, Author, Roadmap for the Rest of Your Life

“Retire Secure! is a must read for LGBT couples wondering what is the best path for them pursue in regard to marriage. For many of my friends and family who are wrestling with this important issue, they often care more about fairness and access to marriage as an institution. Jim brings to the community a clear roadmap for how they can rationally approach the critical responsibilities and opportunities that might be afforded to them financially. I applaud his effort to use his legal and accounting expertise to help the community in such a practical manner.”

    —Tim McCarthy, Author, The Safe Investor: How to Make Your Money Grow in a Volatile Economy

“The IRS, Social Security and many other government agencies have rules that are different for straight and gay couples. Jim Lange, a retirement expert, has written Retire Secure! For Same-Sex Couples to increase their wealth, cut their taxes, and dramatically increase their financial security. This is a book I can highly recommend for the gay community and those who work to serve them. All proceeds will go to the civil rights organization, Freedom to Marry.”

    —Taylor Larimore, Co-Author, The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing
        Co-Author, The Bogleheads’ Guide to Retirement Planning

“Jim provides some invaluable strategies for many loving couples who are currently deprived of the same rights as their fellow citizens. His suggestions could mean thousands of dollars to couples who happen to live in certain states. Change is the only changeless norm when it comes to retirement planning.”

    —Dan Keppel, Author, Maximize Your Social Security Benefits and Retirement Income

Retire Secure! For Same-Sex Couples shows you great ideas to help you achieve the most important financial goal of your life. Make your money last and go further than you ever thought possible.”

    —Brian Tracy, Speaker, Sales Trainer, Author, Getting Rich Your Own Way

“There are so many laws both federal and state and they affect same-sex couples differently. As a CPA and an attorney, James Lange has more than 30 years in estate- and retirement-planning experience. He has made a specialty of retirement planning for same-sex couples.”

    —Dan Poynter, Author, Publisher and Speaker

“Best-selling author, James Lange, has a richly deserved reputation for providing well-considered, practical advice on investing, retirement planning and tax management. Now he has turned his attention to the tremendous opportunities that have become available since the Supreme Court struck down a key provision of the Defense of Marriage Act. Same-sex couples will do themselves a huge favor by reading this book and acting on its advice.”

    —Burton G. Malkiel, Author, 11th Edition of A Random Walk Down Wall Street

“An eye-opening book! Read it now and secure your future. Delay and you’ll pay later. I urge you to read this book right now.”

    —Dr. Joe Vitale, Author, Attract Money Now

“James Lange has provided crucially needed answers for anyone, especially same sex partners. If you want to build retirement wealth, I highly recommend you obtain this much-needed book!”

    —Ted Nicholas, Author, Publisher and Speaker

“Jim Lange has written a wonderful book for all committed couples – same-sex or opposite sex – who are considering marriage. Once you reach retirement age, marriage becomes the best way of preserving income and wealth for the partner who survives.’

    —Jane Bryant Quinn, Columnist, AARP and Editorial Director, Daily Voice
        Author, Making the Most of Your Money NOW