Lange Financial Group, LLC

Lange Financial Group, LLC

Asset Management Services

You worked hard to build your investment portfolios. Are your investment portfolios working hard for you?

At Lange Financial Group, LLC our clients benefit from conservative asset management services integrated with our tax strategies, Roth IRA conversion strategies and investment strategies. Our asset management clients receive our experience and advice as well as comprehensive money management services for the same cost as a fairly priced money manager alone. We find that our clients benefit most from coordinated strategies among the professionals who help them achieve their long-term goals.

We currently work with three of Pittsburgh’s top fee-only advisors. Why fee-only advisors? Fee-only advisors do not make commission based on which funds they choose to invest your money. Instead, they work in a transparent and fiduciary role that puts your needs first.

Our recommendations for which services to consult with are based on which managers investment philosophies most closely match each individual client. We partner with the best active investment managers in Pittsburgh to make the most of both growth and value focused portfolios. We also enjoy a partnership with the best index investment managers for our clients who are more interested in passive management.
If you would like to make an appointment for an asset management consultation, please call our Client Services Coordinator, Alice at 412-521-2732.

Lange Accounting Group, LLC

Lange Accounting Group, LLC

Tax Planning, Tax Preparation, & Financial Projections

Over the last 30 years Lange Accounting Group, LLC has built up a loyal and satisfied base of tax clients. We believe our firm is one of the most informed on Roth IRAs, Roth IRA conversions, and the unique tax planning required for same-sex couples and non-traditional families.

Lange Accounting Group, LLC prepares individual and business tax forms, with a trained eye for reducing your taxes while keeping you out of trouble.

Our experienced CPAs also offer tax analysis and recommendations for multiple year Roth IRA conversions. We combine data from Roth IRA conversion software and tax preparation software to determine the outcomes of multiple strategies; then we optimize the results to devise a plan consistent with your goals—and when we “run the numbers” you can be included in the process to personalize the “what if” scenarios for the multiple strategies.

Without question, Roth IRAs and Roth IRA conversions are not for everyone. However, our peer reviewed research and experience provides us with the knowledge and know-how to make the determination if they are relevant for you. If you are unsure or unclear about the long-term advantages of Roth IRAs, read (Roth IRAs: Accumulating Tax-Free Wealth ) to find out more about the benefits of Roth IRA conversion.

If we can help you with your tax preparation and tax planning call our Client Services Coordinator, Alice at 412-521-2732.

Lange Life Care, LLC

Lange Life Care, LLC

Protection Planning

Lange Life Care, LLC is a more recent business expansion to our core services. But it makes such sense: life insurance is a critical component of estate planning, especially for LGBT couples in states without marriage equality.

At Lange Life Care, LLC we review your current life insurance planning, offer our analysis, and make recommendations based on your individual circumstances. Despite what you may think, life insurance is more than a death benefit. It can serve many purposes. Here are some examples that may surprise you:

Life insurance can:

· Skip probate

· Be paid out to any beneficiary of your choosing.

· Ease the worry of outliving your resources,

· Help finance a college education for your children or grandchildren,

· Bolster your children’s or grandchildren’s retirement prospects,

· Help you maximize your social security or required minimum distributions,

· Pay for estate and income taxes.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of all:

· It is a great way to transfer money, with limited risk, at minimal cost, and in most cases, tax-free, to your beneficiaries.

In addition, we work with one of the most respected advisors in the region on long-term care insurance. In some cases, a combination policy can provide for long-term care coverage as well as life insurance.

If you are unsure if you need life insurance, or you’d like to get information about how life insurance can augment your portfolio and improve your loved ones’, beneficiaries’, and even your own financial future, please call Alice, at 412.521.2732 to schedule your free insurance evaluation.

What We Do

We help members of the LGBT community in Pittsburgh who are IRA and retirement plan owners get the most out of what they’ve got by applying our proven strategies to optimize and integrate retirement, estate, tax, and financial planning. We believe that a coordinated approach to comprehensive planning beats a piecemeal approach every time. Once you become aware of the downsides to having multiple advisors who do not coordinate strategies, which you will learn about if you take advantage of one of our free initial consultations, you will be convinced of the merits of our approach.

For more than a decade our firm has been creating opportunities for LGBT individuals to take advantage of what legal rights they have and protect themselves and their families against the legal inequities they continue to suffer. We give all of our clients the tools they need to create security and generational wealth in their families. No matter what your situation, we will find a way to put you and your family in the best position you can be in.

Each individual and each family is unique. There is no one-size-fits-all plan or strategy. We work closely with our clients to identify and address all the needs specific to their circumstances—from retirement planning to estate planning and everything along the way. With 30 years of experience and affiliations with some of the most respected fee-based money managers in the area, we believe we can offer a set of services that will exceed your expectations.

Our clients are largely analytical thinkers; our client base is made up of all types of people including engineers, doctors, teachers, accountants, and college professors. Many of our clients are affiliated with TIAA-CREF and Westinghouse, and we have developed specific strategies for working with those retirement accounts.

To learn more about each of the individual services we offer click on the links at the top of your screen.

We Guarantee:

Personalized, professional service
A friendly and knowledgeable team of experts working on your behalf
Ready access to your advisor or other expert for emergency advice
Up-to-date communications keeping you abreast of tax/financial/retirement news and information, including specialized workshops, newsletters, and client appreciation events
A comprehensive and holistic approach to financial and estate planning including:

    • Proven strategies for accumulating the maximum in your retirement accounts while you’re still working
    • Cutting-edge, tax-savvy solutions to maximize your tax savings during the distribution phase in preparation for and after your retirement
    • Long-term Roth IRA conversion strategies
    • Strategic tax planning and preparation
    • Social Security analysis and timing strategies
    • Investment advice you can understand and trust
  • Safe spending recommendations given your resources. We strive to
    plan for your money to last as long as you do!

If you are a Western Pennsylvania resident and would like to make an appointment for an asset management consultation, please call our Client Services Coordinator, Alice at 412-521-2732.